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Indexes, Registers, and Lists

An overview of the most important public indexes and databases can be found below. Further information about legal requirements or payable dues can be found by clicking the appropriate links.

Trade index

The trade, cooperative and partnership indexes are filed electronically in the Saarland. They can be found via the internet under the following addresses
www.handelsregister.de or

Register of Craftsmen

The register of craftsmen is managed by the chamber of handcraft of the Saarland.

Further indexes

Statistical Regional Authority of the Saarland (www.statistik.saarland.de)
The statistical authority is responsible for compiling statistics of the federal states and the country. It is also responsible for ascertainment of legal statistics concerning the European Union. You can request data from the planning and information system (SAPLIS).

Federal Law and Regulations (www.gesetze-im-internet.de)
The federal ministry of justice along side the Juris GmbH offers the current federal law at no cost. The laws and regulations are up to date and can be found by clicking the above link.

Federal State Law (www.saarland.de/landesrecht.htm)
The federal ministry of justice along side the Juris GmbH offers the current federal state law, on the internet, at no cost. The laws and regulations are up to date and can be found by clicking the above link.

Indexes of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (GPTO) (www.dpma.de)
The GPTO’s assignment is to issue and administer trade mark rights to companies. They also inform about current trade marks within Germany.

Federal Office of Justice  (www.bundesjustizamt.de)
Here by the Federal Central Criminal Register you can file for a certificate of conduct, which is required for certain commercial validations.

Federal Office of Justice (www.bundesjustizamt.de)
The Central Register of Companies contains administrative decisions (i.e. banning of a business, retraction of an accreditation, licences, etc.), relinquishment of an accreditation of a business, punitive damages in regards to a pursuit of trade, and legal disputes against employers. This index is managed by the federal ministry of justice.

Electronic Federal Gazette (https://www.bundesanzeiger.de )
This is the tool used for publications, declarations, and legal company news, which are released by the federal ministry of justice.

Legal Services Index (
The federal-state administration of justice department uses this platform for information about the creation of legal services. All the legal service providers can be found here.

Declarations of bankruptcy (www.insolvenzbekanntmachungen.de)
The courts dealing with bankruptcy, of the federal republic of Germany, release information on how to give notice when there is a declaration of bankruptcy.

Customs Tariff Database (TARIC)

This multilingual database contains all measures that deal with tariff, trade, and agriculture policies. The TARIC can be used by all EU states and all economic operators can find the rules that need to be followed during the importing and exporting of goods.

Professional Guilds Index

List of Architects (http://www.aksaarland.de)
This database contains the names and addresses of all architects within the Saarland that agreed to be listed in this registry.

Tax Advisors Index (www.stbk-saarland.de)
With the help of the search-function all tax advisors in the Saarland can be found here.

Index of Accountants and Auditors
(http://www.wpk.de/wpk/organisation/haupt-und-landesgeschaeftsstellen/ )
In this index you can find all accountants and auditors within the Saarland

List of Interpreters and Translators (www.justiz-dolmetscher.de)
With this database the federal-state administration of justice department has information on all publicly available interpreters and translators within Germany.

List of Engineers
This databse contains information about consulting engineers (BI), structural enginers(SN), engineers who are authorized to present building documents(BV), and city planners (STP).

Inspection Services Index

List of inspection services for the inspection of grounds and facilities

List of inspection engineers for structural safety

List of attorneys
The chamber for attorneys is an organization for freelance jobs for attorneys. This lists contains all attorneys of the Saarland.

Chamber for veterinaries
Here you can find all veterinaries of the Saarland.

Index for insurance brokers
Here you can find all insurance brokers of the Saarland.

More Lists and Indexes

Company and Business database
This database offers you a priceless chance to find all companies. Companies use this database to receive information about potential partners. You can find it by choosing the appropriate chamber for the particular profession.

Exchange of the IHK and the HWK
In this exchange you have access to co-ops, and internships. You can find more information by choosing the appropriate chamber.

Industry Index
This database, which is managed by the local authority and cities, contains all companies and businesses that are headquartered in that particular area.

Registry Index
This database is managed by the local authority and the city and contains information about all the residents.