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Services not included in the Services Directive

According to Article 2 Para. 2 of the guidelines the following are not included:
  • None-economic services of general interest
    Service rendered for no cash in return.
  • Financial services
    Banking services and services for loan approvals; services for bonds, mutual funds, Insurance, and retirement plans
  • Traffic services
    Air traffic, sea traffic, inland water transportation, harbour services, street and railroad traffic, and especially the public transport, taxis and ambulances
  • Services of temporary employment agencies
    Lending of Employees
  • Health care
    Health care services for employees of the health care sector, which are used to diagnose human patients and then to maintain or to better their health
  • Audio-visual and broadcasting services
  • Gambling (game of chance), that requires a monetary input
    Lottery, gambling in Casinos, and wagering. Things that are includes however: games of skill; slot machines that do not distribute a prize, or that allow you to win a free game; promotional games whose sole purpose is to promote the distribution of goods and services
  • Activities dealing with the practice of public violence 
  • Social services dealing with social housing, children’s care, and the aid of families and temporarily or permanent handicapped people.
    The exception is only as long as the service is provided through Services-providers that are contracted by the state. They then have an obligation to fulfil their services, or they can be created as a commonwealth establishment through the state.
  • Private security agencies
    Services like the surveillance of real estate and premises, the protection of people (Bodyguards), Crime watch or the surveillance of buildings, safekeeping, the transport and distribution of cash and valuables
  • Operations of notaries and marshals that work for governmental bodies
The German legislative body can make any of the above services available for the “Point of Single Contact”. There was no use made of this in the Saarland, therefore these branches can make no use of the EA-Saar. As long as you are a member of the chamber within the EA-Saar, you can make use of their offered services.