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Internetpräsentation IHK Saarland - Partner der Wirtschaft

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What is the “Point of Single Contact”?

Founders of new businesses, companies in Germany, and also other European member countries all share one slogan „Service by one hand.“ The “Point of Single Contact” offer consulting, information and services. In the Saarland they offer the following services:

(1) Release of Information

Service providers and recipients can quickly and easily be informed about procedures and formalities regarding the acceptance, practice, and completion of services. They can also get information about the responsible authorities, how to gain access to indexes, the possible legal remedies, and supporting organizations.

(2) Support for the execution of administrative procedures and formalities

Upon your request, the EA-Saar can handle the acceptance and completion of your procedures and formalities with the responsible authorities.
Anyone can make use of the above services, as long as the procedures coincide with the Services Directive and apply to the Saarland.

(3) European Administrative Cooperation

The EA-Saar also has the function of the Internal Market Information System (IMI). IMI is an electronic information and communications system. It supports the responsible authorities of the 27 member countries and the three EFTA-Countries with their Europe wide administrative cooperation. It does this through databases which can answer questions across the border. The responsible authorities can contact the IMI of the EA-Saar under imi@saarland.ihk.de i.e. imi@hwk-saarland.de.

The EA-Saar has to issue a caution to the commission of other member states about services that could be environmentally hazardous or could cause harm to a person.